About Us

Earth Science Engineering, LLC (ESE) is a Clarksville, Tennessee based consulting engineering and drilling firm. Formed in 1995, ESE is a Tennessee owned and operated limited liability company.

You and your team will be enhanced by ESE's solid credentials in three key engineering areas:

  • Geotechnical Drilling and Engineering
  • Construction Testing and Special Inspections
  • Environmental Assessments and Consulting

Our experience gained from conducting thousands of geotechnical, environmental, and construction testing tasks in Tennessee and Kentucky will be utilized for the successful completion of your project. We can assist you at your site by providing:

  • Soil drilling via augering or hydraulic rotary (wash drill) techniques,
  • Soil sampling (split spoon, Shelby tube, direct push, and other methods as required),
  • Rock coring with wireline coring systems,
  • Shear wave measurements and seismic site class determination via Refraction Microtremor (ReMi) methods,
  • Laboratory testing of soil and rock samples for engineering properties,
  • Geotechnical engineering design and calculations,
  • Sinkhole evaluations and remediation recommendations,
  • Special inspections for subgrades, soils, foundations, reinforcing steel, concrete, mortar, grout, wood framing, and other aspects of construction,
  • Soil, concrete, mortar, and grout testing for construction,
  • Environmental site assessments,
  • Contamination investigation and assessments,
  • Environmental soil sampling (with OSHA trained driller crew),
  • Monitoring wells,
  • Regulatory compliance assistance,
  • Storm water prevention planning.

At ESE, we don't claim to be the largest firm with the most offices. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and practical solutions. And we take our professional obligations and our client's needs very seriously. The services we provide can be vital to our clients' fiscal health and to the physical well-being of the public. We are continually relied upon to do the very best job every time.

All ESE services are conducted under the full direction of Christopher K. Casteel, P.E.. Mr. Casteel is a graduate of The University of Memphis and has over 25 years of geotechnical and environmental project experience in Tennessee and Kentucky in addition to Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Other ESE staff include:

  • Wade R. Kunstmann, an ACI certified Special Inspector with over 30 of construction testing and geotechnical consulting experience.
  • Shannon Medina who oversees ESE's drill schedule and testing in the ESE laboratory, and performs environmental site assessments for the firm. Ms. Medina holds a degree in Biology/Geology from Austin Peay University and is ASTM certified for Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.
  • Alice Fendley is ESE's office manager. Ms. Fendley manages all field testing scheduling in addition to office activities including establishing project files and customer databases, accounts payable and receivable, report distribution, along with all field testing and special inspection scheduling. Ms. Fendley holds a Tennessee General Contractors license.
  • Other ESE staff includes experienced drill crews and construction testing/inspection technicians based from our Clarksville, Tennessee office.

We look forward to demonstrating the ideal combination of technical expertise and professional integrity for your next project. Thank you for visiting our website.s